Soul Shaping by Jim L. Wilson

You can participate with God as he shapes your soul to conform to His image by practicing Spiritual Disciples that will help move you: 

Chapter 1   From Doing to Living
Chapter 2:  From Consumerism to Intimacy
Chapter 3:  From Busyness to Focus
Chapter 4:  From Despair to Hope
Chapter 5:  From Isolation to Connection
Chapter 6:  From Entitlement to Service

Do you want to have intimacy with God, to live a focused life, to have hope, be connected with others and to devote your life to serving God?  The spiritual disciples you will encounter in this book can help you make some shifts in the right direction.

When you read Soul Shaping, you won’t learn a set of rules to follow—no easy, pat answers here.  Instead, you will learn to make some subtle shifts in your life that will make a huge difference in your walk with God.